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When Cisco discovered a need to update its automated service contracts and contract renewal processes, the internetworking giant called Quovera.

Business objectives:

  • Increase service revenue on new product orders
  • Restructure the renewal business model to increase rates and profitability
  • Review and update the entire pricing model to improve profitability
  • Improve sales efficiencies

The project called for seamless integration into partner and legacy systems, as well as, an acute sensitivity to the end-customer experience. Clearly, industry specific-knowledge, technical expertise and a successful track record of similar initiatives were required.

As a result of the Quovera solution, Cisco:

  • Realized significant efficiencies by streamlining operational management and support delivery
  • Effectively integrated their Call Center with partner applications
  • Has a better capacity to quickly implement support for new service offerings
  • Realized a significant R.O.I. through improved support contract and call center revenue generation and a dramatic reduction of missed entitlements
  • Increased market penetration
  • Customer satisfaction improved measurably

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Why Quovera?

We understand -

Our expertise in your vertical industry means
we understand your particular business challenges.

We take every facet of your business into account:
changing business models, enterprise value chain and legacy systems. We understand your need for accelerated time-to-benefit. Our solutions are cost effective, scalable and rapidly deployed.

We’re successful -

We’ve doubled in size every year for 6 straight years.
And our clients are happy...
Every year, our repeat business exceeds total revenues
for the previous year.
Over 200 clients have benefited from nearly 300 Quovera

We’re accountable -

Each member of our mature staff averages 12 years experience.
We offer only Tier 1 applications -
solutions we trust and you can count on.

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