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Originally designed for its Enterprise Solutions sales force, the Quovera Sales Compensation Plan was so successful; Nortel rolled it out across all lines of business around the globe.

Business Objectives:

  • Increase sales productivity
  • Decrease account manager turnover
  • Improve sales credit assignment accuracy
  • Provide better sales compensation calculation accuracy
  • Reduce or eliminate "surprise" sales compensation GL accrual
  • Optimize sales credit assignments

For Nortel, the acquisition of Bay Networks compounded an already complex and confusing sales compensation program. Sales productivity was off 25% and account manager retention had become a huge problem. Multiple lines of business and intersecting service offerings made defining sales territories and hierarchies difficult. The initiative called for a deep understanding of Internetworking sales and a successful track record with CRM applications.

As a result of the Quovera solution, Nortel:

  • Sales productivity increased
  • Significantly improved account manager retention
  • Eliminated $30M in "surprise" GL accrual
  • Achieved an unprecedented 99% accuracy rate in commission calculations
  • Defined sales territories and automated sales credit assignments down to zip code level
  • Began a worldwide rollout of the program, 12 months after the initial phase

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  • sales compensation planning
  • goal setting 
  • team-based selling
  • streamlining the commission process 
  • managing distribution tiers and channels 
  • sales crediting
  • package implementation
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