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For its Business Performance Management initiative, Mercury Interactive made a smart choice… Quovera.

Business objectives:

  • Creation of a "customer master;" a unified view of the customer integrating data from Lawson, Seibel and Broadvision applications
  • Development of a single interface for all customer activities - a basic requirement of 1-1 marketing and CRM

The Mercury Interactive project required understanding the business requirements of various functional groups (finance, sales, marketing, support), development of enterprise architecture and data model, a phased implementation plan (with each phase no longer than 10-12 weeks) and then physical installation and implementation of NT Servers, Oracle database and Cognos analytical tools (IWR and PowerPlay).

As a result of the result of the Quovera solution, Mercury Interactive has:

  • Integrated, accurate and consistent data across its enterprise
  • Up-to-date visibility of customer activities
  • Developed web enabled, on-line customer-related analytics
  • Improved profitability and increased revenues per customer and by product
  • Reduced cost of sales, inventory, operations and support
  • Increased operational efficiencies

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  • financial intelligence
  • operations intelligence
  • supplier intelligence
  • product intelligence
  • customer intelligence
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