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In preparation for substantial acquisitions, including Network Solutions, Verisign selected Quovera for rapid integration of systems, processes, locations and to consolidate multiple lines of business.

Business objectives:

  • Quickly integrate business processes
  • Improve enterprise information visibility
  • Develop a standardized definition of "customer" and "product"
  • Automate and integrate HR

Explosive growth and expansion had distorted Verisign's "customer master," and impaired their ability to "define" a standard product. Seeking standardization, Verisign needed the capacity to globally assess both customers and products sold, as well as, improve inventory visibility. They chose a Quovera initiative that quickly deployed q. Products for integrated financials, order management, distribution and Human Resources.

As a result of the Quovera solution, Verisign:

  • Consolidated Verisign and Network Solutions financials through standard Oracle Multi-Organization functionality
  • Achieved seamless integration of Verisign's proprietary Order Mgmt. systems to Oracle Applications
  • Developed a formal SKU item numbering for products and services
  • Consolidated a single-item master for all operations
  • Is able to track product throughout lifecycles
  • Realized faster order fulfillment with instant credit card processing & email verification of order status
  • Is able to check inventory availability at order entry
  • Achieved system-wide integration between enterprise applications
  • Automated and integrated a company-wide HR system

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  • manufacturing
  • distribution
  • financial
  • human resources
  • order management
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