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In an initiative to develop stronger customer relationships and improve loyalty, Cisco turned, once again, to its award-winning partner… Quovera.

Business objectives:

  • To integrate customer-related data throughout the enterprise
  • To deploy a closed-loop sales and marketing function

Prior to the design and implementation of Cisco's Customer Connect initiative, Cisco's customer data was spread across disparate legacy applications. Cisco needed a cross-functional architecture that integrated sales, marketing, finance, customer service and their channel organization. The sweeping initiative required a comprehensive, but non-invasive approach so developmental impact and maintenance costs were kept to a minimum.

As a result of the result of the Quovera solution, Cisco:

  • Better customer retention rates
  • Improved profitability per customer
  • Increased revenues per customer
  • Decreased cost of sales
  • Diminished cost of customer support

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  • sales force automation
  • marketing automation
  • customer service & tech support
  • e.commerce
  • incentive compensation
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