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With the intention of manufacturing globally, Cisco tapped Quovera to consolidate their forecasting, improve inventory availability and increase margins.

Business objectives:

  • Improved forecasting
  • Integrated marketing / sales / manufacturing systems and processes
  • Improved inventory availability
  • Increase margins

Seeking to improve inventory availability, on-time customer shipments and increase profit margins, Cisco identified a lack of integrated marketing / sales / manufacturing processes and systems. Forecasting was a time-consuming manual process, performed on Excel spread sheets and key information was difficult to aggregate across multiple, disparate systems. As they geared up for global manufacturing, Cisco needed the ability to forecast by theatre. Additionally, Cisco sought to integrate bottom-up and top-down forecasts, track market segments, and plan business scenarios.

As a result of the Quovera solution, Cisco has:

  • Increased forecast accuracy, on-time shipments and improved customer satisfaction.
  • The ability to forecast by theater and channel to support global manufacturing
  • Analysis by market segment to manage market share and achieve market leadership
  • Increased marketing productivity, and laid a foundation for profit margin analysis
  • Achieved profitable growth

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  • demand planning & collaboration
  • master planning / supply planning
  • factory planning & scheduling
  • available / capable to promise
  • supply chain execution / visibility
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