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3PARdata leveraged Quovera q.Products for a comprehensive solution implemented in record time.

Business objectives:

  • Integrated business functions across the enterprise
  • Accommodate a 6 month schedule for product design, shipment and customer support
  • Define outsourced manufacturing strategy and model
  • Integrate suppliers with internal planning, procurement and fulfillment

3PARdata required a business solution integrating manufacturing and distribution, advanced planning, financials, human resources and customer relationship management. The implementation timeline was aggressive…less than 90 days.

As a result of the Quovera solution, 3PARdata:

  • Integrated financial, manufacturing, distribution, planning and customer service functions across enterprise users and data
  • Defined manufacturing and planning strategies
  • Achieved tight integration between engineering, material planning, purchasing & prototyping systems
  • Deployed sales and service functions that automate order generation, allow for mobile access and route customer service requests to the proper level of support
  • Has a single employee master across the enterprise, which supports self-service and automates applicant tracking and recruiting

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q.products allow you to leverage our knowledge to maximize your R.O.I.

Built upon a foundation of past experience and industry expertise, q.products simplify the entire process of defining, delivering, and
integrating complex business solutions.

The result? The best of all worlds:
Minimum ramp-up, flexible solutions that scale easily and competitive pricing.

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