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In preparation for substantial acquisitions, including Network Solutions, Verisign selected Quovera for rapid integration of systems, processes, locations and to consolidate multiple lines of business.

Business objectives:

  • Quickly integrate business processes
  • Improve enterprise information visibility
  • Develop a standardized definition of "customer" and "product"
  • Automate and integrate HR

Explosive growth and expansion had distorted Verisign's "customer master," and impaired their ability to "define" a standard product. Seeking standardization, Verisign needed the capacity to globally assess both customers and products sold, as well as, improve inventory visibility. They chose a Quovera initiative that quickly deployed q. Products for integrated financials, order management, distribution and Human Resources.

As a result of the Quovera solution, Verisign:

  • Consolidated Verisign and Network Solutions financials through standard Oracle Multi-Organization functionality
  • Achieved seamless integration of Verisign's proprietary Order Mgmt. systems to Oracle Applications
  • Developed a formal SKU item numbering for products and services
  • Consolidated a single-item master for all operations
  • Is able to track product throughout lifecycles
  • Realized faster order fulfillment with instant credit card processing & email verification of order status
  • Is able to check inventory availability at order entry
  • Achieved system-wide integration between enterprise applications
  • Automated and integrated a company-wide HR system

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The Software Industry is undergoing a significant transformation. Web Services have radically changed enterprise architecture. Competitive Design and Development is now regularly performed offshore. Cost effective delivery is often through an ASP. Threats of piracy, management of digital rights, and licensing reforms adds a new layer of concern regarding content. And finally, how revenue is recognized has raised some serious accounting flags.

The breadth and depth of change within the software and services industry requires constant vigilance. To be successful, you must be focusing your enterprise on its ability to:

Provide project-based service delivery and control

  • Attribute time and expenses against internal and external (customer facing) projects
  • Integrate resource scheduling

Accurately invoice and recognize appropriate revenue under the new rules for goods, software, installation, and warranties

  • Accounting for deferred revenue
  • Manage billings based on various methods such as advance, milestone, fixed fee, percent complete, T&M
  • Sales of non-shippable items bundled with tangible goods
  • Geographically dispersed teams
  • Decentralized time and expense input and approvals
  • Support Travel and Purchase cards

Efficiently manage contracts & installed base

  • Notification of licensing end dates (renewals)
  • Recurring billings
  • Version tracking for upgrade potential

Gain competitive advantage with high volume consumer sales

  • Sales tax reporting and billing for multiple locations
  • Customer marketing campaigns
  • Cross selling and upselling
  • Download software

The Quovera solution offers Enterprise Management, Customer Management, Content Management and Business Intelligence.

No matter what aspect of Software and Services industry you specialize in… no matter where you are in your growth cycle… Quovera has experience with your particular business challenges.

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