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Looking for a partner who understood semiconductor manufacturing… SST chose Quovera to integrate and automate its business processes.

Business objectives:

  • Integrate, automate and streamline SST business processes
  • Implement best practices
  • Balance the work load of SST staff

SST primary legacy systems were isolated, manual and ran on tier 2 applications. Lack of integrated information was compounded by rapid company growth. Finally, SST staff was burdened by extremely heavy workloads exacerbated by inefficiencies.

As a result of the Quovera solution, SST has:

  • Fully integrated financials, sales order, planning, procurement, manufacturing, and distribution processes
  • Automated fixed asset account generation
  • Automatic order rebates
  • Streamlined requisition approval hierarchies
  • Employee self-service modules for expense reports and requisitions
  • Integrated supply chain solution utilizing Oracle and ApsenTech Chesapeake

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Dis-aggregation of the technology supply chain has fundamentally transformed the Semiconductor industry. In the past, vertically fully integrated OEM's employed dedicated internal resources for each supply chain step - from design to manufacturing to distribution. Today, a network of horizontally specialized vendors dominate the field, such as pure foundry, Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Fabless design & distribution, IP designer, Contract Electronic Manufacturer (CEM), and Service Providers.

These changes present unique challenges. To be successful in the Semiconductor Industry, you must be able to:

  • Accept orders over online and offline, direct and indirect channels
  • Promise your customer accurate, reliable availability and due-date quotes in real time
  • Coordinate and optimize planning and execution of globally dispersed design, manufacturing, & distribution processes
  • Manage increasing variety of complex system-on-chip products with short design cycles
  • Gain 100% track and trace visibility across your entire multi-tier, global supply chain
  • Comply with complex import / export trade regulations, especially in the post 9-11 world
  • Make quick, informed & intelligent business decisions grounded in up-to-the minute facts
  • Collaborate with a large number of inter-dependent external organizations and integrate their disparate processes, systems, technologies and data

No matter what aspect of Semiconductor industry you specialize in… no matter where you are in your growth cycle… Quovera has experience with your particular business challenges.

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