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With an aggressive build-and-ship schedule and outsourced manufacturing… Centerpoint needed help integrating worldwide financial, procurement and production functions…. and they needed it yesterday.
Quovera was there.

Business objectives:

  • Integrate business processes and systems to accommodate production and expansion / acquisition goals
  • Define outsourced manufacturing strategy and model
  • Integrate suppliers with internal planning, procurement, and fulfillment functions

The plan mandated a build-and-ship schedule of less than 5 months, but Centerpoint lacked integrated financial, manufacturing, distribution, and planning functions. They needed applications capable of supporting international operations and outsourced manufacturing. Once installed, Centerpoint also needed all 250 employees trained and proficient in the new system.

As a result of the Quovera solution, Centerpoint:

  • Realized seamless interaction across enterprise users and data
  • Employees were trained and proficient within four months
  • Deployed all critical business processes to position Centerpoint for future rapid growth
  • Achieved tight integration between engineering, material planning, purchasing and prototyping systems
  • Defined global outsourced manufacturing strategies

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The idea of a virtual vs. vertical infrastructure was never a serious consideration until the Internet made resources and information so accessible. Today, the advantages of focusing on core competencies and outsourcing the rest frequently outweigh the costs of managing added complexity. As a result, Next generation infrastructure OEMs in the Computer, Electronics, Internetworking / Telecomm Equipment and Handheld devices sectors are distributing large portions of operations outside their four walls. It is not uncommon for global, multi-tier value chains to include electronics and mechanical component suppliers, Contract Manufacturers, Third Party Logistics Providers, Value added resellers, Distributors, and a host of complementary Service Providers.

This level of coordination and management presents new challenges. To be successful in the High Tech Industry, you must be able to:

  • Conserve cash during difficult market conditions, while laying the foundation for future growth & success
  • Improve efficiency, reduce costs and eliminate waste by improving processes, procedures and controls and by conducting all facets of your business on the Internet
  • Accurately forecast (and, to the extent possible, profitably influence) your demand
  • Balance ever-decreasing time value of inventory & obsolescence costs of over-estimating the demand vs. opportunity (product availability) costs of under-estimating the demand.
  • Coordinate and optimize planning and execution of globally dispersed design, manufacturing, & distribution processes
  • Embrace and master revolutionary (disruptive) as well as evolutionary innovations
  • Manage shrinking product lifecycles & growing product variety
  • Comply with complex import / export trade regulations, especially in the post 9-11 world
  • Make quick, informed & intelligent business decisions grounded in up-to-the minute facts
  • Collaborate with customers, suppliers & partners to gain full visibility of your value chain

No matter what aspect of High Technology industry you specialize in… no matter where you are in your growth cycle… Quovera has experience with your particular business challenges.

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