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case study: Toyota


Toyota’s Customer Service Division, Accessories Department.  Supply Chain Group’s TALON (Toyota And Lexus Options Network) project.


Business Challenges

·          To increase inventory turnover of accessories for improved financial performance. 

·          To increase in-stock availability for higher order fulfillment percentages and customer satisfaction.

·          To reduce system-wise accessories inventory.

·          To reduce lead time for accessorizing vehicles.

·          To better utilize seasonality in inventory planning.

·          To understand the demand signal and its causes.

·          To formalize /standardize forecasting techniques.

·          To improve forecasting efficiency.


Why Quovera?

Quovera demonstrated a superior understanding of complex, high-volume, configurable product environment and an excellent track record in successful change management and i2 Demand Planner / PRO (Product Relationship Object) implementations.


Business Benefits

·          Improved forecast accuracy

·          Shortened forecast cycle time (reduced the forecast cycle from 10 days to 1 day)

·          Improved forecasting efficiency

·          Implementation of standardized forecasting methods (centralized forecasting departments so that suppliers dealt with 1 instead of 3 groups).



A forecasting system covering 1200 parts and 20 destinations.  Process improvements to standardize and shorten the lead time.  Education on inventory planning and forecasting concepts and training on use of the new system.  Performance metrics and change management deployment.



i2’ Demand Planner (DP) / Demand Analyzer (DA) and Product Relationship Object (PRO) products. HP server / HP Unix OS