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case study: Sun Microsystems


Sun Microsystems is a worldwide leader in providing enterprise-class hardware and software.  In a maturing, highly competitive industry, Sun needs internal operations that function at a world-class level to compete.  Recognizing this need, Sun’s Tax function launched an initiative to identify and act on business process improvement opportunities, many which leverage considerable information and technology resources.  


Business Case

Sun Microsystems is committed to improving operational efficiency.  This efficiency unlocks opportunities for advanced financial analysis and subsequent actions that can result in multi-million dollar investment and tax benefits.  The efficiency also results in lowered operational costs and improved timeliness.  Sun brought in Quovera to help them capitalize on these opportunities within their Tax and Treasury functions.


Specific objectives for the project were to:

Facilitate process improvement by providing business and technology specialists a forum and methodology for communicating business processes and information flow.

Provide an integrated macro-level view of the business processes with a focus on the flow of information.  

Create a roadmap for prioritizing and implementing the opportunities identified.

Analyze and design technology solutions to meet the future business processes.

Design and build a ‘smart’ financial forecasting system that pre-computes forecasts using historical data combined with custom forecast algorithms.


Why Quovera?

Sun selected Quovera because of Quovera’s expertise at executing projects that involve difficult and changing business processes and fitting technology solutions to them.  Quovera provided Sun with experienced senior-level consultants with a proven track record of delivering quality and timely solutions. 


The Quovera Solution

Quovera solution centered on providing a platform for the communication of complex, inter-dependent business processes between business specialists and technology specialists.  The approach used ‘process workshops’ to brainstorm and facilitate consensus building on process improvement opportunities.  The solution was geared to have special focus on the creation and consumption of information internally, across departments and from third-parties. 


After identifying key opportunities, Quovera analyzed and designed solutions that best fit the future state business processes.  The largest of these solutions was the re-engineering of the process and technology for a worldwide financial forecasting system. 


Business Benefits

Integrated, accurate and consistent view of the creation, consumption and flow of information within the organization

Process improvements resulting in business processes with better accuracy, quality and timeliness

Improved understanding and communication of the business processes for both business specialists and technology specialists

A platform for communicating planning future business process changes

 A streamlined and more accurate worldwide financial forecasting process and system that can adapt to changing business needs