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case study: Rainmaker CRM, Service and Financial Analysis


Rainmaker Systems is committed to enhancing the ongoing relationship between a company and its installed base of customers and channel partners for the purpose of maximizing profits, generating revenue, reducing costs and optimizing knowledge of their customers. These relationships are strengthened by Rainmakers who are dedicated, high-energy experts committed to personal excellence. At the core of our expertise lies our integrated business process made up of Sales,

Marketing, Back Office, Customer Care and Technology services.


Business Case

Rainmaker needed to build a complete data integration infrastructure to integrate customer data scattered across multiple operational applications and integrate it with the financial data to get a complete picture of its installed base, up-sell and cross-sell its services based on a rules-based opportunity master and provide analysis and reporting capabilities. Call-center and contracts data also needed to be integrted in this infrastructure. In other words, they needed to build an integrated infrastructure to facilitate 1-1 marketing.

Specific objectives for building the data integration and business  intelligence infrastructures were:

·          Develop enterprise Data Model and data integration architecture for data availability, consistency and accuracy

·          Build an Operational Data Store to share data with operational and CRM applications such as YouCentric and Broadbase

·          Build a Customer Master to integrate customer data scattered across multiple operational applications and databases, cleanse and transform data to meet a uniform definition of a “Customer”

·          Build a rules based “Opportunity Master” for up-sell and cross-sell

·          Implementation of a single interface for all customer activities including Customer Service – a basic requirement for 1-1 marketing and CRM

·          Integrate all financial data from Oracle ERP system, call-center and contracts and renewals data with customer data

·          Develop web enabled, on-line analytics to provide up-to-the-minute financial and sales information


Why Quovera?

Rainmaker selected Quovera after a rigorous and competitive selection process because of Quovera’s business and technology expertise, reduced risks because of our unique, time tested and proven methodology (8-10 week implementation cycles) and ultimately our competitive cost. In addition, Rainmaker wanted a Full Service Provider (FSP) to host its IT infrastructure and signed-up for Quovera’s ASP, ERP and BI managed services as well.


The Quovera Solution

Quovera solution involved understanding business requirements of various functional groups (finance, sales, marketing, customer service), development of an enterprise architecture and data model for analytics & reporting (Business Intelligence) infrastructure, a phased implementation plan (with each phase no longer than 6-8 weeks) and then physical installation and implementation of Sun Solaris hardware, Oracle database and Brio. Solution also included development and implementation of various end-user reports including on-line analytics and an executive dashboard.


Business Benefits

·          Integrated, accurate and consistent data across enterprise

·          Up-to-date visibility of the financial picture

·          Improved profitability and increased revenues per customer and by product, sales-reps, channel and geography

·          Reduced cost of sales, inventory, operations and support

·          Increased Operational efficiencies


Technologies and Solutions

·           Sun Solaris 2.7, E250 Hardware

·           Oracle 8.x databases

·           Informatica for data extraction, cleansing and transformation

·           Brio for reporting and analysis