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case study: Mercury Interactive


Founded in 1989, Mercury Interactive is the leading provider of enterprise testing and performance management solutions. Their automated software and managed services help companies deliver and maintain high-performance applications. Customers worldwide use Mercury Interactive solutions across their application and technology infrastructures to minimize hardware and operational expenses, protect revenue streams and enhance their competitive positions.


Business Case

Mercury needed to build and maintain an analytical and reporting infrastructure to facilitate corporate reporting using its operational applications. Also required was a Customer Master - a unified view of the customer integrating data from three major applications like Lawson, Seibel and Broadvision. Data for the customer right from the registration, orders and services (maintenance contracts) was to be tracked to provide a powerful customer profile reporting system to the sales and marketing departments. Specific objectives for building the corporate customer profile /intelligence infrastructures were:

·          Implementation a single interface for all customer activities – a basic requirement of 1-1 marketing and CRM

·          Build a Customer Master (required for CRM) to integrate all customer data from Lawson, Seibel and Broadvision.

·          Develop web enabled, on-line analytics to provide a comprehensive customer services and sales information including

o         BPS (Bookings, Product and Service) by Geography, Sales-reps, Product groups, Booking Margins

o         Cash Flow analysis including revenues by rep, product line, channel

o         Provide a complete solution for Order/Invoice Reporting

o         P&L Statement (Gross Margin & Profits by dept. products, sales-reps)

o         AR / AP details including Aging, Inventory Analysis

o         Provide an efficient method to track service contracts versus calls


Why Quovera?

Mirapoint selected Quovera after a rigorous and competitive selection process because of Quovera’s business and technology expertise, strong partnership with Cognos, reduced risks because of our unique, time tested and proven methodology (8-10 week implementation cycles) and ultimately our competitive cost. In addition, Mirapoint wanted a Full Service Provider (FSP) to host its IT infrastructure and signed-up for Quovera’s ASP, ERP and BI managed services as well.


The Quovera Solution

Quovera solution involved understanding business requirements of various functional groups (finance, sales, marketing), development of enterprise architecture and data model for analytics & reporting (Business Intelligence) infrastructure, a phased implementation plan (with each phase no longer than 6-8 weeks) and then physical installation and implementation of Sun Solaris hardware, Oracle database and Cognos analytical tools (IWR and PowerPlay). Solution also included development and implementation of various end-user reports including on-line analytics and an executive dashboard using Cognos Visualizer.


Business Benefits

·          Integrated, accurate and consistent data across enterprise

·          Upto-date visibility of the financial picture

·          Improved profitability and increased revenues per customer and  by product, sales-reps, channel and geography

·          Reduced cost of sales, inventory, operations and support

·          Increased Operational efficiencies


Technologies and Solutions

·           Sun Solaris 2.7, E250 Hardware

·           Oracle 8.x databases

·           Cognos Impromptu Web Reports (IWR), PowerPlay and Visualizer