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case study: Cisco Systems - Service Sales Automation Application


Cisco Systems is the worldwide leader in providing end-to-end networking solutions for the Internet. Their mission is to shape the future of the Internet by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for their customers, employees, investors, and ecosystem partners.


Business Case

While evaluating its significant growth and increasingly complex distribution chain, Cisco established the need to upgrade its service contracts and renewals business processes and infrastructure. To accomplish this goal, Cisco management identified a corporate initiative to redefine the processes and infrastructure that enables increased revenue generation, superior operational management, improved delivery, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Specific objectives for this initiative included:

·          Increasing service attach rates on new product orders

·          Updating the renewal business model to improve renewal     rates

·          Optimizing the pricing model

·          Improving the efficiency of the selling model


Why Quovera?

Selecting Quovera provided Cisco with a team that has strong internetworking industry background and a successful track record for managing, architecting, designing, and implementing scalable, flexible, and maintainable solutions for Service Sales Automation. Also, Quovera’s past design patterns in implementing similar systems proved to be a key differentiator.


The Quovera Solution

Quovera helped Cisco execute the Release I Plan from conceptual architecture to implementing custom components and planning the integration of external systems with Oracle11i CRM Service Packaged Applications. Quovera architects and designers conceived a loosely-coupled solution using Oracle11i CRM modules for Service Entitlements and Contract Management. This solution minimized the number of customizations of the product to ensure a smooth upward migration path and to exploit new features. The solution also enabled the creation of a repository that meets Cisco’s needs for managing an up-to-date, complex, and comprehensive install base. It uses a Java-based middle tier to enable verification of entitlements as a seamless part of the different types of requests. This solution is currently being implemented and the system is expected to go live in December 2001.


The Quovera team is also involved in planning for Release II that will extend the Release I Service Infrastructure around Oracle11i CRM Service Applications to support Service Product Introduction, Service Quoting and Ordering, Service Pricing, and Service Invoicing.


Business Benefits

·          Support for additional revenue generation

·          Superior operational management

·          Streamlined delivery of support

·          Enhanced customer satisfaction

·          Support for new service offerings

·          Reduction of missed entitlements

·          Seamless integration with call center and
            partner applications

·          Increased market penetration


Technologies and Solutions

Oracle 8.1.7 RDBMS, Oracle 11.5.4 CRM Modules (Install Base & Core and Service Contracts), J2EE, Weblogic and Inprise Application Servers, JSP, XML , Tibco Message Oriented Middleware