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case study: Cisco Systems - Demo Order Tracking


Cisco Systems is the worldwide leader in providing end-to-end networking solutions for the Internet. Their mission is to shape the future of the Internet by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for their customers, employees, investors, and ecosystem partners.


Business Case

Cisco identified a need for an improved method for stocking and managing equipment for customer demonstrations. Cisco determined that this system would increase the win rate for sales, shorten the sales cycle, and reduce overall demonstration equipment expense.


Why Quovera?

Cisco felt that Quovera was uniquely qualified for this project because of its depth of understanding in the order processing business; its understanding of Cisco’s CRM arena; and its knowledge and experience in the architectures, system interfaces, and Oracle technology required to implement this solution.


The Quovera Solution

Quovera deployed a project manager, architect, and senior programmers to supplement the Cisco analysts, developers, and QA staff for this project. The solution that was implemented is scalable to accommodate Cisco’s world-wide demonstration equipment requirements. It is also flexible within configurable workflow and behavior for different theaters and countries.


The system integrates to Cisco’s standard solutions for configuration and inventory management. The key features of this system include real-time order status, inventory management, and equipment tracking;  management of overdue equipment and checkout extensions; streamlined approval and demo loan agreement  management; automated electronic business loan justifications; a rules-based order fulfillment module that includes roles, budget, value, and owner status; and reporting on utilization measurements and operations.


Business Benefits

·          Accessibility to order routing and status for System Engineers, Account Manager, Regional Manager, Systems Engineer Manager

·          Visibility to available demo equipment and global sharing of  equipment pools

·          Increased productivity for logistics operation

·          Reduced field administration associated with demo equipment orders

·          Facilitated ease of communication between Field Sales and the demo equipment program team


Technologies and Solutions

Java J2EE based architecture and Oracle 8.1.7, Easysoft SQL interfaces to a third-party vendor package.