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case study: Cisco Systems - Demand Management


Cisco Systems is the worldwide leader in providing end-to-end networking solutions for the Internet.


Business Challenge

          Cisco was enjoying very rapid growth, and anticipated problems with making on-time customer shipments.

          Lack of integrated marketing / sales / manufacturing processes and systems was resulting in high costs and reducing profitability.Existing, excel-based manual process was time-consuming, difficult to maintain.Key information was distributed across multiple, disparate systems.Cisco sought improved inventory availability, on-time customer shipments, and higher profit margins through a consolidated, efficient forecasting system.

          Cisco intended to globalize manufacturing, and needed the ability to forecast by theater.Also, Cisco wanted the ability integrate bottom-up unit and top-down forecasts, track market segments, and plan business scenarios.


Why Quovera?

Quovera has an excellent track record at Cisco, having delivered 10+ high-quality projects on-time and on-budget, and having won numerous awards.Quovera was a known and proven entity for Cisco.Quovera proposed a three month BR-1 implementation (compared to a competitorís 10 month bid).Quovera team had substantial experience implementing i2 DM.


Business Benefits

          Increased forecast accuracy, on-time shipments and improved customer satisfaction.

          Forecast by theater and channel to support global manufacturing.

          Analysis by market segment to manage market share and achieve market leadership.

          Increased marketing productivity, and laid a foundation for profit margin analysis.Achieved profitable growth.



          Central, scalable, multi-dimensional database.

          Consistent models & processes, with the use of advanced statistical forecasting techniques.

          Automated consolidation & aggregation.

          Visual representation and manipulation.

          Tracking of forecast assumptions and demand drivers.Bottom-up Chassis & Spares unit and dollar forecast, top-down dollar forecast, multiple scenarios.Views by theater and channel.Attach rates.Analysis by market segment.



I2ís Demand Management (DM) suite, including Product Relationship Object (PRO) module.