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case study: Cisco Systems - CRM


Cisco Systems is the worldwide leader in providing end-to-end networking solutions for the Internet. Their mission is to shape the future of the Internet by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for their customers, employees, investors, and ecosystem partners.


Business Case

Cisco Systems determined the need to improve and optimize relationships with their customers.  To accomplish this, executive management developed an initiative to deploy a closed-loop sales and marketing function.  This initiative required integration of customer-related data throughout the enterprise, which had previously been carried in a multitude of disparate legacy applications.


Why Quovera?

Selecting Quovera provided Cisco with a team that has strong internetworking industry background and a successful track record for managing, architecting, designing, and implementing scalable, flexible and maintainable solutions for customer relationship management (CRM).


The Quovera Solution

Over the past four plus years, Quovera has helped Cisco develop the vision for Customer Connect, as well as manage, architect, design and implement the first four reference databases in the program plan. The strategy involved multiple phases of reference database implementations, each focused on a specific aspect of the customer relationship.  The architecture is designed to work non-invasively with Cisco’s existing transactional systems, reducing development impact and on-going maintenance costs.


Quovera was awarded the "Outstanding Contributions" award from Cisco for its work on the Customer Connect initiative. Customer Connect uses a set of defined business processes and reference databases to integrate and enhance customer data, allowing Cisco to increase revenue and lower the cost of sales by better anticipating and supporting customer needs.


According to Amy Christen, director of worldwide sales development and former Customer Connect business champion for Cisco, “Customer Connect is a leading-edge, world-class approach to integrate our systems from a customer’s perspective. Companies around the world are trying to achieve this, and according to our suppliers, we’re way ahead. Quovera’s unique blend of business knowledge and technical expertise enabled them to define a cross-functional architecture across our sales, marketing, finance, customer service and channel organization."


Business Benefits

·           Better customer retention rates

·           Improved profitability per customer

·           Increased revenues per customer

·           Decreased cost of sales

·           Diminished cost of customer support


Technologies and Solutions

·           Oracle 7.x, 8.x, 8i databases

·           Oracle Designer CASE repository

·           Oracle PL/SQL

·           Oracle Developer 4.x, 5.x, 6.x for web and client-server interface

·           Citrix servers

·           firstLOGIC address cleansing / data enrichment product

·          Proprietary business rules engine, event notification engine, issue tracking mechanism, error handler, application security features, and other reusable components