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To create maximum value for our clients in the shortest time possible by:

Focusing our resources on providing companies in key targeted markets with an integrated portfolio of e.business competencies tailored to meet the specific strategic and tactical needs of their industry.
Growing our own organization with experienced professionals committed to establishing and maintaining long-term, trusting relationships with clients by providing unparalleled strategy, solutions, and service.
Developing innovative services and knowledge products that leverage our intellectual capital and enable our clients to plan for and manage significant future growth and become fast, flexible, and responsive.

To be the best partner for companies striving to anticipate change, gain momentum, and outpace their competition in the Internet economy
To be the best workplace for the individual seeking to pioneer ground-breaking e.business strategies and solutions

Clients. We will strive to satisfy every client, and regard each client contact as an opportunity to strengthen our business relationship and enhance our reputation as a problem solver.
Employees. We will hire only the best and most talented individuals, and treat them as such. We will compensate them well, invest in their growth, and earn their loyalty.
Integrity. We will do the right thing by our clients and co-workers. We will set high expectations--both individually and as a company--and exceed them on a regular basis.
Quality. We will provide solutions to our clients' problems via our best thinking, our soundest design principles, and an unwavering demand for excellence.
Innovation. We will build our tomorrow--and that of our clients--on today’s innovation. New ideas will propel us into the future.
Teams. Because our success depends on our ability to work effectively in teams, we will afford the stimulating give-and-take environment required to solve complex problems and to provide the efficiencies necessary to deliver in e.time.
Learning. We will be a learning organization, growing through our accumulation and wise management of knowledge. We will reward original thinking and the sharing of ideas and experience.
Excitement. We will be passionate in our approach, excited by our work, and committed to our clients. We will enthusiastically celebrate our successes.
Profit. We will make a profit--most likely a healthy one--for our clients, Quovera, and ourselves. But these profits hinge directly on upholding our other values.